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Hello there! Thanks for checking up on me but right now I don't have much to say :)


OC story · 3:53am Jul 5th, 2012

Well after two months of setbacks and uncreative spells I have finished part 1 of CureAll's story :) if anyone wants to help proofread him me up an ill hit you up with a doc link you can comment on and such ;)

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EBecK Username Analysis · 3:15pm Jun 22nd, 2012

Just had my name evaluated by a wizard of sorts, he hit the nail pretty square on the head I'd go to his blog or comments and ask about his analysis.

Just go to my following box and look for EBeck

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Bloggery and such · 8:00pm May 4th, 2012

I really wish blogs on here could be looked at by others... But remaining a silent observer of fan fictions makes it difficult. I guess I understand why people write blogs now for the sheer heck of it. Sure I still completely understand no one in the universe will probably read this at like all but w/e learn to deal with what life gave ya, right?

CureAll checklist:
[x] Actual drawing of appearance: CureAll is a smokey gray unicorn with a blue potion cutie mark and red and white spiky hair

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Dat OC and moar · 3:10am May 2nd, 2012

Warning: Will be littered with errors of both spelling and grammar, dont like it? gtbo plz :3

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Blog is almost glob backwards · 2:32pm Apr 28th, 2012

So trying my hand at writing a blog is going to be interesting. I have no skill what so ever with this fantastical thing people refer to as "English(?)" so I might as well roll with it. My train of thought is easily derailed by butterflies or anything that happens to cross my path during a conversation. I got one of these accounts because I just recently started actually reading fan fictions and it was getting difficult to track which I wanted to continue reading, which I wanted to burn and

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