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GAR Another Late Update Coming · 4:50am Mar 25th, 2012

Chapter 32's coming today, no worries, but it'll be a while since I'm getting dragged into going to watch The Hunger Games.

... It's honestly not a terrible thing to get "dragged into", I'll admit. Anyone seen it yet? Any good?

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Late Update Today · 5:18am Mar 23rd, 2012

Today's chapter will be coming a bit late as I seemed to have misplaced/lost a set of house keys that I very much need. I only went to two places on campus, so it's not like it should take too long. But still.

Chapter 31 coming soon.

EDIT: It's 1:15AM and I'm an hour or so away, so please excuse the delay but it'll have to wait until morning. You know what that means: 2 chapters on Friday! :D

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Spring Break! · 6:04am Mar 20th, 2012

Chapter a day! Prepare yourselves.

Also, to those who want a fun fact (because I never explained):

Ever wonder what the "Q" in "Quirky Q" stood for? Same thing it stands for in "Q & A". Look back through all the thoughts and personal notes in Episode 7 and you'll see every single musing of our favorite crazy actress pony is in the form of a question.

The More You Know~

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Moving On · 6:21am Mar 4th, 2012


Chapter 27 finally came. :3

Apparently people still like to do stuff for your birthday even days after it's passed. Today - well, Saturday - included two movies, both of which were amazing (Tin Tin and Hugo). Still, I wanted to get to writing sometime, so here I am at 1am posting the latest chapter. Left y'all hanging long enough.

Hope all is well with you peeps! Storytayler out.

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BIRTHDAY EMERGENCY · 7:15am Feb 28th, 2012

Taylor's emergency contact friend again:

The guy's too shy to admit it's his own birthday, so I'm embarrassing him by letting you all know Feb 28 is his day to shine! He'll probbly attack me when he wakes up in the mornin so read now before he deletes it!

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Where I'm At · 6:46pm Feb 27th, 2012

Yes, I deserve to be run down a verbal assault gauntlet; I almost always update at least over the weekend.

I've been involved in some intensive planning of my next work, one I hope to have out starting this upcoming summer. It's another novel, and it might turn into more than just a fan fic... more on that in future. Despite this awesomeness, I do need to focus on the work that people are currently reading. Updates coming your way soon~

Hope you all are faring well! Y'all are the best. :)

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Okay, Okay, I'll Take It Slow · 3:29am Feb 22nd, 2012

All right, I'll make it three chapters this week, then three on Saturday with a possible lack of new MLP:FiM episode. Then I'll wait a little while until I get enough comments to be happy. :3

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Yay, Blog! · 4:24am Feb 21st, 2012

Hi All,

So, I forgot to tell you guys that my appendix was taken out (as is typical about four weeks after the original procedure and whatnot).

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The Tables Have Been Turned! · 2:20am Feb 13th, 2012

Now yours truly is "Watching" all of you. Reader-Author is an important relationship; I don't want to feel like I'm on another level or anything writing my blog, so it's about time I start reading yours. Heck, for those of you writing, I should read some of your stuff too!

Also, this means if you stop watching, I'll know who you are... >:D

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Apologies for the Delay · 9:17pm Feb 9th, 2012

Hola Followers/Watchers,

Just stopping in to say that I am in fact working hard on edits, but I've also been forced into working hard on academics now that college stuff is back on track. Usually this sense of being weighed-down only lasts a week for me (since I get ahead of all my assignments so as to make the rest of the semester easier) so expect some consecutive updates soon enough.

Series ends in March; are we really getting that close!? O.O

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