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some brony writer who wants to try to write dirty clop fics.


I will not be continuing me clop fics. · 4:35am May 17th, 2020

I've lost interest in writing clop fics. I have set my current fic to canceled and all planned fics are likely to not happen. I tried to delete this account, but it is taking too long to process and I'm not sure I really want to give it up completely...as it might be depression leading to the disinterest. so this might be a goodbye for now, or a final goodbye, I'm not sure.

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I have considered it, but not currently...sorry.

Would you be willing to take a request?

I have an explanation on my account page.

Here's your watch, for your wordcraft.

Oh, I’m more used to hearing about the magnum opus dissonance, so that’s unusual to hear.

I'm not upset that this account is more popular. I'm happy for my fans of both my pen names. :pinkiesmile:

Aww, sorry to hear your fans are like that.

Its not 100% a secret, I have shared my other fandom name with some people. I mainly made this account to separate from my non-porn fics which is not an unheard of thing. On this site once you write a porn fic, you are a clop author no matter what you wrote before or after. My other account was already known for another genre of fanfic. Oddly enough I have more of a following on this account than on the other one. :rainbowlaugh: I guess people like my porn more than my regular fiction.

Another alt for lewd things from a mysterious unnamed author, keeping themselves a secret.

Maybe I should try and guess who you are.

Another one of these, then?

Could a get a sauce for that profile image? Asking for a friend...

You're welcome and I hope to see some good stories too

Welcome to both our nudist group and to Fimfiction

2408028 I PMed you a link to my other account.

2408026 Yeah, I get that. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

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