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A rather absent-minded artist and writer who has no business here.

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Ahh. School, yes. The bane of many students. I understand your position very well, for I too have to put up with school work and such. Take as much time as you could possibly need. My friend actually got me working on my OC's general information and such, so if you want some insight on how my OC would most likely act, just ask and I might be able to answer it. (Assuming you're planning on using the basic form of my OC, a.k.a. the one with the blue eyes)


Not a troll or pointless message. I'm working on it, but I'm too busy in school to post it as fast as I thought I could. Very sorry.

I've been AFK for awhile now and I was just wondering. Did you ever actually use my OC in one of your stories, or was the message you sent me a long time ago pointless? If you did indeed use it, which story was it? I need new reading material.

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I am sorry for being incredibly late for making my other stories, I have been focused on Surprise Showdown, and I was trying to get inspiration and trying to get the words and chapters into my head. Sorry everypony, you have to wait a 'tiny' bit.

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