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Bow Ideas! · 1:00am May 15th, 2012

My bow ideas and in the comments for the bows and arrows Archer will carry around with him. First ideas) Bow Ideas:
Acid Bow
Bow with a special arrow, only to this bow, The acid arrow.

"Kiss of Death"
Mostly a bow for instant kills, can be used only 3 times before breaking

"Earths Revenge"
This Bow is very special for 1 reason, the arrows spawn any type of everviornmental damage (I.E Spawn lava, vines blocking a path, a tree for climbing purposes E.T.C)
"The Stargazer"

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My OC · 3:24am May 12th, 2012

In a nutshell, my OC is a expert in ranged combat, but a master in the ways of the bow, Has an arrow for any type of situation (even the LEGENDARY Boop arrow) And like in video games can pull a weapon out of no where. Has his own special bow (which will be reveled later on) and an almost unlimited arrows... Plus a respawn (Only 1, that can be broken)

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My Pixel art · 7:29am May 5th, 2012

(sorry its so small will fix later) well thats my first pixel art, and this thread will be updated most of the time with my new art... (im a newb to this) so yea... look out for updates! EDIT:

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