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Hey there! I like writing, pones, and gaming. I love Nurse Redheart, and my random pairing of Tempest Shadow and Zecora. Come at me, bro.

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Hearth's Warming should be spent with loved ones. Instead, Shining Armor is watching over Celestia's new adoptive son, Spike the dragon. Cadance is there too.

Cover art taken from harwicks_art on deviantart.

Written for Jake the Army Guy for Jinglemas 2019

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Spitfire is missing. She's been gone for four years. She's probably dead.

But she won't be forgotten. Rainbow will make sure of that.

Special thanks to EverfreePony for proofreading and editing.

Rated teen for a single use of a slight swear, but overall, this story isn't risque or swear heavy.

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Twilight hadn't really thought about mortality after her Ascension. She lived in the moment. But when her friends are all dead and gone, she can't stop herself from remembering the past. But when the Royal Sisters reveal a secret vault to her, she has a choice. She can die and go to Neverland with her friends, or she can remain among the living.

Chapters (1)
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