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Matriarch Chrysalis

I really enjoy the Changelings from mlp so expect stories of them and such. (I talk in character just to avoid offense!)

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  • 229 weeks

    I know I've been scarce on this site BUT that it is only because running a hive is a full time job! But rest assured my story draws nigh and I'm even commissioning a special art cover for it!

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  • 232 weeks
    Story is almost ready

    Finally! My story is nearing completion for posting. Ready yourself fools!

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  • 239 weeks
    Can anyone check my English?

    I know English pretty well but I want to make sure my story is good so if any one would like to proofread my story your queen would appreciate!

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  • 239 weeks
    Any South Africa bronies?

    Any bronies in South Africa? :3

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  • 241 weeks
    Just a reminder...

    That you are not safe! My revenge is long in making and wrathful in it's wake! Equestria may think me vanquished- they will learn the error of their judgement very soon! >:D


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A Little About Me

I really love the Changelings and so decided to make this FimFic account. I hope to make stories with the Changelings and I hope you enjoy them <3

Just so you know, I do act in character. Offense is not intended!

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2425025 Guys a demon Chrysalis. Far more dangerous, and far harder to control. But in answer to your question, yes. It should in theory help keep him under wraps.

2425019 Spirit? You call the Six Winged Serpent a spirit?

2424620 A rage spirit, my oh my, how droll. I take it you are submitting yourself to the horde?

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