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Just a bad writer coming your way, with mediocre ideas ;)

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I'm done · 12:48pm Dec 1st, 2017

Okay look I'm done. Sorry but I can't really write anymore. It's just not really me. I've tried and tried, and do-over'ed and do-over'ed but I can't. I'm so sorry but this is the end. Readers of Twilight the Vampony: The Vamponies Invade... I'm sorry k? I just can't anymore. I would have rushed it which isn't a very good solution. If... if anybody out there would like to finish this then go ahead. You'll have my permission. I have planned the whole story out I just can't write it down. If you

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Eh the old name got boring, so I changed it. And your welcome!

Hi there! Thanks for the follow.:twilightsmile:

Although I have a question: why is it that, on my notifications, I saw "MadManMeller" and here your name is BlueHood?:unsuresweetie:

Thanks for adding "Dawn" to your favourites. I hope you'll continue enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

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