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Why bother anymore?


I really hate to admit this.... · 3:06pm Yesterday

I'm feel I'm in between a rock and a hard place. It feel like they is not alot of good people left. I'm wrong about this. America will go don't back to decent people, It will be go back to the SJWs. Left-Wing people and right-wing people are so racism, sexism in them own way. They is not a lot of decent people left. This world is so politically divide that I feel I really don't fit in this world

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You really don't like the far right, eh? Lol. I have seen you around here and there and I thought you were a centrist Christian, but are you more of a progressive atheist instead, or something else?

I wanted him to stay, you wanted him to leave. Whose the lucky one here?

2988459 Yeah, look like he is not coming back.

One: He's my friend and a member of the Legion.
Two: I enjoy his detective stories.
Three: I'm not the only one who cares about him.
And four: I'm not completely sure if the ban is that long.

I hope not. Mine was only a day.

2988448 I'm sure it forever.

Well...This was an interesting way to start 2021.

2988294 So Switch Swap is now banned.

This was quite an eventful day for this website, wasn’t it?

  • Viewing 387 - 406 of 406
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