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Best part of E3 · 5:16pm 9 hours ago

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Thanks for the watch.

3040690 Oh......Ok.....


A block would instantly solve this problem. Do that, and if Artist makes an alt or otherwise tries to harass you afterward, that's a much more serious offense that I can act on.

But if you just absolutely "don't like blocking ppl" then I don't really know what to tell you.

3040685 Un....I did try.


I literally linked the two comments I was referring to in my last comment. They are linked or replied to or whatever, right there.

It'd be different if this was something like death threats or whatever, but two people who have a history of being mean to each other isn't really actionable when neither party seems willing to take even the most basic steps towards preventing it from happening again.

3040673 How I egg her this time?

Eldorado #420 · May 9th · · 1 ·

Not when you egg her on and try to goad her into continuing the fight, like you did 3040641 3040647 here.

You can't play the victim if you're going to behave like this and refuse to block her. I'd do exactly the same thing if the roles were reversed.

Block her, and if she tries to harass you further given your history it'll be a hefty ban time. But right now it's just the same stupid fight that we told you to stop having months ago, and yet which you continue to not only allow to perpetuate but actively participate in.

3040662 So me reporting her don't mean fucking shit, huh?

Eldorado #418 · May 9th · · 1 ·

Then you have only yourself to blame for this. I cannot help you if you don't even take the barest minimum action to prevent this from happening.

Who cares if she can see your stuff? She can't comment on it or message you. For all intents and purposes it's the same outcome as a ban.

3040657 I don't like blocking ppl. Also if I block her, she will see my things becaree she follow me.


You two have both been warned to stay away from each other, and even banned before, several months ago. I don't know why you didn't do that, but you clearly can't get along. You need to take at least a little initiative here with a user block - then Artist can't comment on your stuff and you won't even have a problem.

3040650 I see you didn't ban artist. Fucking really man?

Eldorado #414 · May 9th · · 1 ·

You are aware you can block people, right? Blocking someone will prevent them from commenting on your blogs, stories, and userpage itself.

There's really no reason to be this hostile.

Edit: posted that before I meant to.
If you two can't figure out how to work this out and get along, block each other and cease all communication. You will both have a better time of things if you do so. This is beyond ridiculous behavior from both of you.

3040629 I see that you delete a comment. Really?

3040629 I have report you for attacking me for no real reason. Just letting you know.

3040629 Dude, what the actual fuck?

Artist #409 · May 9th · · 1 ·

By choosing to comment you just making yourself look bad, I think it would benefit everyone if you would just leave, you know where the door is, if you say that you are going to leave why don't you just leave

3040614 What is your deal? :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Artist deleted May 9th
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