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After Anon-a-Miss had turned Sunset's life a huge wreck, she feels like she has nothing and that the world would be better off if she was dead. However, she catches the attention of an old sensei, who takes her in. There she meets 5 other youths who went through her situation. Now she and her new friends will learn martial arts and a type of transformation called "Animode" which gives the user animal features of their spirit animal and taking out shadow creatures. All while living her life with her new pack of friends and rocking out in tournaments. I HOPE YOU ARE READY, SUNNY...


Contains Elements of:
Fairy Tail (The Family like friendship)
K (Use of powers and bonds hotter than the sun
Power Rangers: Jungle Fury (Animal Spirit)

Also, there won't be any foregiveness in this story at all! This one is all about how far mindless accusations can cause string friendships to shatter

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