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With Eyn Spyyr put to rest, and proper respects payed to him, the events in Equestria calmed back to its usual trot. The only gossip inspired story being presented among the papers was a blooming love between Luna and a successful Captain of the Night Guard, whose origins and means of success have remained unknown to many on the force. With nightmares and a strange tension building in the air, the peace is threatened with an enemy that only the late Eyn Spyyr had faced before. Mystery and challenges and the rise of an Ancient Evil await the ponies in Equestria.

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A reporter stumbles across an old book next to a set of old bones at the bottom of a crater. Flipping through the pages, her reads the story of its author and his time inside the crater. He speaks of the royalty as if he knew them well along with other notable ponies. The story is deemed by the reporter to be the tellings of a raving lunatic losing his mind.

*A small side, one-shot, added explanation to the stories In the Background and Everything Ends... story.

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After the treacherous happenings of In the Background, Octavia and Vinyl managed to escape with only scars and nightmares of their time in the Everfree. Octavia, on the other hand, is now being haunted by nightmares that are slowly revealing that the mysterious alicorn of nursery rhymes exists and has freed himself from his imprisonment. Are they all chess pieces in a large plot to kill the princesses in a power struggle that caused the sisters to split in the first place?

**This is a sequel to In the Background. If you have not read it, it would help in understanding what all is going on in this story. Comment, Rate, and Enjoy.**

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After the mishap of the Grand Galloping Gala, Octavia Pie's Prestigious Classical Career came to a screeching halt as the disgruntled party planner fired her for her mistaken playful participation in the Pony Pokey. Feeling down and angry, Octavia can only look to the future and hope to salvage what's left of her reputation, and with a surprise opportunity, she plans on presenting Equestria with a masterpiece. The road to find inspiration is a long an arduous one, but one can only dream of the gifts and realizations that lie at the end.

**Sequel can be found here:

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