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Long: An act of a mad god and an accident in space brought two unlikely heroes to the world of Equis. Will their combined magic and tech be enough to stave of whatever evils that plan to destroy that which is good? Will Cheese and Crackers be...DAMN IT, SHEOGORATH!!!

MLP/Mass Effect/Elder Scrolls V crossover, all franchises belong to their respective companies.

Torrin belongs to sornos
Qa’taro belongs to Wayward Shadow

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The time of the digital heroes have long since passed, and humans and Digimon lived in harmony, but just because the Earth is fine with them, doesn't mean that all is well in the Digital World. First contact has been made with a new world, a world whose creators are not human at all, but colorful, peaceful ponies.

Now the digital forces of evil have come to this peaceful place, trying to do here, what they could not on earth. It’s up to a new team of digital heroes to save eques

And end the threat of the seven demon lords and their master. Will the legacy live on in these ponies? Find out in Digimon Tamers: Despairing Hope.

Chapters (5)

On the date Fluttershy’s birthday Discord wonders off and retrieves a present from another Solar System. Due to Discord, the evil of that Solar System has made its way to equestria. But the present that Discord brings home is probably the last thing that can stop the evil known as the krawl. Can this new being known as a Spectrobe save Equestria, or will the Krawl destroy the world.

co authored with https://www.fimfiction.net/user/299426/GameBoy_Gamer

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the cheetah. fastest land mammal... one such one who is down on his luck gets a second chance in a new world. what kind of crazy adventures will he get into? one things for sure. this is exactly what he needs!

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