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Comet Chaser is my OC and his wife is Breese Chaser, the OC of Forestpip my real life girlfriend. She's the one who got me into the pony fandom and I want to enjoy the fanfics she sends and creates.

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Comet Chaser is Master Sargeant in charge of the Wonderbolts Canterlot garrison. It's his birthday and Princess Twilight's coronation is tonight thus he must work overtime. Things aren't looking great the afternoon leading up to the ceremony, especially when his superior asks that he give up his spot for somepony else. Things are looking up for Comet Chaser when he meets and interesting mare; Breeze Chaser, who is the professor of enchanted object history at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.
(This is my first story and the introduction of my OC Comet Chaser. I'm rather new to both this site and writing fiction in general. The other OC in this story, Breeze Chaser, is the OC of Forestpip who is my IRL girlfriend.)

Edited by Forestpip.

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