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When Twilight is disowned by her brother Fluttershy and Pinkie side with Twilight, get abandon by the rest of there friends and stick with her the entire time. But when Chrysalis is defeated the three aren't so ready to forgive the others and leave for the frozen north. alone the way the meet two familiar villain and one unfamiliar villains, all of them male.

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In a alternate world Twilight is a Thestral who often has to fight her own predatory instinct. Trixie is not so good with magic, but is vary fond of her friends. Derpy try's hard to help her friends and hates conflict. And Diamond Tiara has to say good bye to her old life when going to the orphanage after her parents death. The four of them live together in the same orphanage. But when the bullying and the fact no one cares about them have the four run away. What will happen?
Warning spoilers Gore tag because blood will be mention in future chapters

Update 6/9/17
Finally got a cover image on this. but there were no filly Thestral Twilight ones. Oh well.

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In the scene with the Canterlot mines, what if Chrysalis had different plans and had a mate, and had the ability to turn those she deemed worthy into changelings. Also only Twilight's friends show her any compassion during the wedding rehearsal.

And if this sounds cliche that is not what I was trying to do.

And gore tag because of blood mentioned.

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