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New story Idea! · 9:54pm Jan 7th, 2019

So I came up with an idea for a story to be worked on after i finish the last chapter of my first one. The opening is finished though so please let me know what you think.

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Help! · 7:40pm Nov 25th, 2018

I have a problem where my tracking section is showing a blank page with the chapter counter rising someone tell me how to fix this? ive contacted the admin but if anyone knows how to fix it tell me!

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Integra And Synth. The Fusio Twins · 2:14am Nov 1st, 2018

So just came up with this idea from re reading Symbiopony and also loving fusions in anime and other shows. Integra(inn teh gra) and Synth are twin beings created by Celestia and Luna's parents as their assisstants and bodyguards. The whole family got along well but when their parents left, The two looked to the twins as siblings. Sadly, during the attack of Nightmare Moon, the twins were made to suffer by her wrath. Synth was sealed in a mirror and couldn't leave. Angered Integra bonded his

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New Character · 2:44pm Aug 2nd, 2018

New Character for use! For those who read the previous blog, I am offering the free use of my characters so long as i'm acknowledged as the creator. Whelp a new character is up for grabs with Servo the Cyber pony. Servo was a normal pony once but due to growing up in a world that was unforgiving, Servo was forced to shed parts of himself for metal. His legs now have razor sharp claw gauntlets in place of hooves. His spine was replaced to offer more flexiblity in his implants. His left eye has

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I Need Your Help · 5:25am Jul 1st, 2018

Hi this is Sanguine Blade. I am a writer on Fanfiction.net and i have tried to get my work over to this site. However, I have failed to get past the darn editors so i am at an impasse. That is where YOU come in. I am offering my ocs to be used in other fanworks in order to get more publicity for my work on fanfiction. I currently have the following characters up for use so long as i am mentioned as the creator:
1. Sanguine Blade
2. Bloodmoon Flame
3. The Cerulean Paladin
4. Blu Blazer

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