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2366955 ah okay thanks ^^

Thanks for the follow! Welcome to fimfiction! :rainbowkiss::eeyup:

Also i noticed all of your broken images below. Fimfiction has an issue where you cant direct link images from imgur. But if you save them and upload them through another site like postimage.org, they will show up here :twistnerd:

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Leonidas/Lord creation the Arceus Pony
Krono Dark the Kronoceus Pony
Rain-oh Dash the Ho-oh Pony
Twisheram Sparkle the Reshiram Pony
Lucarjack the Lucarimonlee Pony
Audinoshy the Audino Pony
Pika pie the Pikachu Pony
Zunset Shimmer the Mega charizard Z Pony
i have too many xD

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