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I love to read stories in all forms. I just have to remind myself to read one at a time.

The Displaced Siblings

Name: Jack Krieger
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Sith Pureblood
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 2.3 m (7.5 ft)
Cosplay: The Empire's Wrath from the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic
Bio: Younger brother to Katy Krieger, Jack was a freshmen college student with his major in biochemistry. He planned to see the world after he obtained a secure career as a toxicologist, but one meeting with The Merchant changed all of that. The Force has now become his newest obsession, and his power over it grows day by day. Armed with his lightsaber and a starship full of sweet video game loot, Jack began his adventure in lands far beyond Equestria.
Likes: Family / Video games genres such as MMO's, RPG's, and FPS's / Chocolate / Dragons / Knowledge / Exploring / Star Wars / Practicing swordplay / Jazz music / Hats / Helping others / The Force / The color red
Dislikes: Failure / Ignorance / Unnecessary aggression / Psychopaths / Valkorion
Personality Traits: Practical / compassionate / self-doubting / Intimidating / patient (except when family is under threat) / perceptive / manipulative

Name: Katy Krieger
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: Monster
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow sclera
Height: 1.9 m (6.3 ft)
Cosplay: Undyne from the RPG Undertale
Bio: Older sister to Jack Krieger, Katy had earned her bachelor's degree and was planning to join the US Air Force after college. She had plans to earn her ATP Licence after the military, but life led her to Equestria instead. Despite her transformation and the loss of her planned career, Katy's passions still run deep and strong. She still wants to protect others, and her determination will see her through when she is landed right in the heart of Equestria.
Likes: Family / Fighting / Flying / Video game genres such as fighting games and RPG's / Anime / Vanilla / Fairness / Jokes / Gymnastics / Rock'n'Roll and J Pop / Cute Things / Protecting others / The color blue
Dislikes: Bullies / Giving Up / Oppression / Bigots / Boredom
Personality Traits: Passionate / Heroic / Shrewd / Stubborn / Helpful / Random / Excitable / Affectionate / Brave / Cooperative / Honorable


My first blog post on this site! Also new story idea. · 8:35pm Apr 27th, 2017

Everyone who reads this blog post probably only knows me for my first fanfiction story, From The Stars and The Underground. I have plans and goals for my first story throughout 2017, but I already have new ideas for future stories. Some I've trashed and thrown away because other authors have already written about the idea as I skim thru fimfiction.

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Hey thanks for the favorite on Where the Heart Lies. I do hope you are enjoy it as more chapters come out.

Oh, why thank you!

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