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Status · 5:35am Aug 29th, 2012

Greetings all, It's been another long while since I made a blog post about... well, anything. A lot has happened since then. Some of you may already know this, but for those that don't let me give you a small rundown (Those interested in the 'finer details', look in my other account, Nicknack, for the Pchan Link to the thread, the note, and the responses).

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Been gone long. Too long. · 12:17am Jul 13th, 2012

Well, I've been gone for some time. Lots of things happened, some good, most bad. Regardless, I feel the time has come to once again take up pend and write once more. Expect all stories to update, but when, I cannot say.

Expect the unexpected.

-E.D. "G"

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To all who read this · 4:08am Feb 13th, 2012

First of all, I would like to thank those who have read my stories so far for, well, reading so far. Regrettably, I've fallen on busy times over the last few months, and things don't look to be livening up anytime soon. Things aren't helped by the fact that I am currently planning a massive overhaul of the main EQN tale. More a re-write than anything else, this new plot will be more down to Equestria, not as dark, and will build up into the Equestria Noir world that has already been presented.

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