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Takamura Konata

Hi guys, Kona-chan here! I don't have a lot to say but I hope my stories can get some reaction out of you :3

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    Takamura as a word means "hawk" and Konata means "This person, the person in question, the person here," it also means "Powdered Rice field. Vengeful Spirit or Lonely child" it probably has way more meanings but it depends on how you read it. But I have to admit Vengeful Spirit Hawk sounds kind of cool.

    What does Takamura Konata mean in English?

    Also thank you for the follow.:twilightsmile:

    2361061 I'm sure you will. Good luck.

    2360992 You're welcome, BlackWarGreymon is one of my favourite characters ever, so any story with him in it is auto fav. Thanks for the welcome btw, I wish I can come up with some interesting story soon.

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