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I am Abaddon, lord of Tartarous and Hell. I am Appolyon, god of demons. I am ForeverLonely, because nobody likes me :(. My youtube channel is ForeverLonely, if you are interested. Proofreader.

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J O I N T H E P A C K !

To my YouTube Account :3

I always dreamed of becoming a big YouTuber. So I strived to accomplish that goal. The result? A maybe not-so-lonely kid, who just wants to be a gamer :D.

School work and FimFiction itself has stopped my production of videos. I will be producing them faster than ever over the weekends, but stuff does get in the way.

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  • To Invade There was always those who wished. They asked for more than they could have handled. Ever since then, I have been struggling to survive. Everyday, I hope I am not ripped to shreds or killed. And man, who thought Ponies could be deadly? by ForeverLonely 8,178 words · 229 views · 12 likes · 4 dislikes

So You Found My Page.

Wow! AMAZE! Well, let's set down some announcements.

1) Well, I'm not anti-social. I love wolves, and the term Lone Wolf always intrigued me. For all of you wondering about ma username.
3)I don't really like clop, as it involves two or more of some of my favorite characters doing things that are far too naughty for a kid's show. Although me writing about torture and murder... THAT'S DIFFERENT MMK!

R.I.P Doge

This module is dedicated to the dead dog, Doge. He will be missed by many, and he will be my favorite meme for generations.

Doge waz gud. Vere gud. Ded doge now. Luv duge 4 evr. Liv on N r harts.

Translation; Doge was a good meme. Amazing, actually. Hopefully, Doge is not rotting in hell right now, because if so he will have to deal with many Grammar Nazi's. I will love this meme, and cherish it, forever. Doge may be dead in the real world, but he lives on in our hearts...