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"In a world gone bad, we don't spank the monkey! The monkey will spank us!"

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J O I N T H E P A C K !

To my YouTube Account

I do Reviews of games, Gameplay, and do Collaboration on a friends channel, who makes short minecraft skits. I want to be a well known YouTuber, and hope to bring you all something you enjoy. And if you actually found this account from my channel... Wow. Welcome. Not a brony anymore, but if you want to have a look, go ahead friend.

Enjoy my content? Tap the cute lil thing called the "SUBSCRIBE" button! And while your at it, give the like button some love, too. Every person helps, and every one is welcome. (Yes, including your weird uncle who makes sexual jokes every time you visit).

So You Found My Page.

Well, let's set down some announcements/rules, because people need guidance to go anywhere in their lives

1) Well, I'm not anti-social. I love wolves, and the term Lone Wolf always intrigued me. For all of you wondering about myusername.
3) I'm not a brony.
4) No clop. I won't ever do clop. I will do a (Ew) reading of it at 100 subs tho. But only to fuck with those of you CRAZY enough to subscribe.

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Welcome to Fim Fiction. :twilightsheepish:

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