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Don't live life hiding in the house. It's short, and there's a lot to see... So have fun while you're down here because nobody knows what comes next!


New Chapter · 11:54pm May 9th

If you're reading this, stop.
I just now uploaded another chapter to my story! And I really think YOU should go read it!

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Update · 6:37am February 25th

Alright my little muchacho's, I like lowkey didn't even like half of what I wrote back when I first started all this, so I went and fixed that shit then threw a cherry on top with some extra detail and minor tune-ups.

What I mostly did was;
- Fix some Grammar
- Re-write gay-ass dialogue (made it *nice*)

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Yo, Yo, Yo! · 3:19am January 25th

I'm back. But I'm literally only here to finish To Invade and then I'm out.

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Spagoot · 9:20pm Jun 10th, 2017

The can was solid, and hard, and held my slippy long thin body in its moist jaws. I was a strand of canned spagetti. I constantly squirmed beneath my relatives, as I was always on the bottom. One day i got sick of my mom calling me a ravioli because I was more thicc than the other spaghettis. So I ate her.
My dad told me I was a faggit. I called him a cunt. He tried to squeeze me with his slick, moist, noodle, but he only got to my head. I goblled his slick noodle up, and then he was no more.

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