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So I got in school one day and there was a new girl in my classes, she is the main reason for the lack of stories. I have slipped myself into a deep depression and am fighting suicidal thoughts because if half my family and best friend betray me then who's to say they wont betray me. Stories in the spring at the latest. Depends if I move back into my Dad's house. Miss you fimfiction and my subscribers!

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I included you in my new fic :D

Ether way I suggest finding some one who's ideas are pretty good in a lot of standards. Like a good friend who's a great writer or even your mom or dad. Shit I don't know anyone who rules bro.

18716 O yea and if you wan't i can proofread yor work, and can you give me some feedback on my story please!:pinkiehappy:

18714 that sounds like something that would be said at a drop from like bratkilla or yes, skrillex

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