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I've posted a appeal via the contact form.

How does this sound:

Yesterday, I was banned from alternatehistory.com after allegedly posting a meme that advanced "pro-Assad propaganda." I would like to contest said charge.

The meme in question was posted to the "insane images and memes thread, even by 2017 standards." This was done because I clearly didn't agree with the message and viewed the insinuation that the Syrian chemical attacks as an "inside job" as utter rubbish, not to mention "insane and ridiculous." Nonetheless, I was accused of advancing "anti-refugee xenophobia" and permanently expelled from the site.

I believe that this prohibition is a mistake and would like for the Admins here to reconsider the ban. I firmly believe that the Syrian chemical weapons attack is a war crime and that it was conducted by the Syrian government against largely civilian targets. I firmly believe (and in past have posted as such) that the Obama Administration failed to take decisive measures in 2013 to punish the Assad regime and combat its human rights abuses. I'll be the last person on this site to advance "pro-Assad" propaganda.

If desired, I can modify/delete the post in question in order to avoid sanction, especially if I accidentally posted it in the wrong thread.

Finally, I would to leave with a few words about the site. I've always loved alternatehistory.com from the moment I first encountered it. Here we can have a (relatively) free discussion about life, culture, politics and more with people who aren't spam bots, Kremlin trolls, or jackasses to one another. This is truly unique in the modern internet which is largely composed of comment sections/forums which can only be described as "mind cancer" (I'm looking at you Yahoo News Comment Section.)

Additionally, and more importantly, I would like to add that this site has brought me great joy in the years I've been part of it (despite this same time period being a living hell for me in real life.) I've formed more friendships on this site than in the real world and I've benefited from the site members helping me improve and mature in my writing skills. It saddens me greatly to not be able to contribute to this community which has done so much for me.

Thank you for reading this (longer than expected) message. Best of luck to the administrators as they continue to make alternatehistory.com even greater.

Konrad Karl Sartorius

PS: Here is link to a screenshot of the original ban message in question.



Thank you for the information. I will do.

If you want to appeal the ban, go to the very bottom of the page, and click on "Contact Us." You don't have to be logged in for that.


Thanks for the screenshot. I expected it to be something ridiculous. Unfortunately, I was proven correct.

Lols. I guess that imbecile actually thinks that people post viewpoints they agree with on the "insane and ridiculous images thread. I'd laugh if it weren't me getting screwed over.

Also apparently me saying in the past "not all Trump supporters are racists" and that "combating illegal immigration isn't racist" is tantamount to "anti-refugee" xenophobia." Cause that's what he previousely kicked me. :facehoof:

If insufferable pricks like him want an echo chamber safe space "bigotry free environment" then so be it. The only shame is that I won't be able to finish my Crisis in the Kremlin TL on that site. :raritydespair:

But hey, at least Ian the Admin got to feel like a man for a few minutes. Good for his self-esteem.

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