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Not as active since the show ended, but I still drop in now and then


Just a Heads Up · 8:20pm Aug 24th, 2017

If all of a sudden I'm not online for several days or so, it's not because I'm upset about anything that happened here. It means that a tropical storm made the power go out and it probably knocked out whatever keeps the wi-fi and Internet connectivity and stuff going. There's a hurricane headed for the Texas coast, and we're close enough that it'll affect us a bit (though not as bad as it's going to affect the people on the coast).

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For me, it's a bit more complicated than that. I'm not consistent about being socially conservative or liberal. Same with the fiscal stuff. When it comes to stuff like gay marriage and recreational marijuana, I'm definitely more liberal. When it comes to abortion, I'm still pretty conservative. And my views on welfare and healthcare are probably more on the liberal side, too.

I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal if that makes sense.


Holy name change Batman! I didn’t recognize you for a moment there, lol

I had been planning a name change for a while. The "Reynolds" part never really made much sense, honestly, since Reynolds isn't even part of my name. It's part of a pseudonym for a self-insert character I made back in high school, lol.

How are you doing? How is Covid treating you?

Things have been going good. I've somehow managed to avoid getting COVID this whole time, so that's definitely good. It helps that I was practicing social distancing before all this coronavirus stuff, so I was a master of it already.

Holy name change Batman!

I didn’t recognize you for a moment there, lol. How are you doing? How is Covid treating you?

Also: I read this 2984214 and I wanted to give you props. 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻

I had almost forgotten about that thread.

I have never been comfortable with the idea of pushing for legislation that discriminates against other people. I think if one is really going to claim to be constitutional or that they care about people's rights, then one needs to be consistent about the whole "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" thing. It can't just be for people who act and think like you do. Besides, I don't think genuine heart transformation or change can come from legislation or public behavior modification. For me, if all you do is pass legislation and get them to behave how you want in public but don't preach the gospel, then all you've done is create a well-behaved sinner who's still unsaved.

I personally feel like if the church wants to do more activism, then they should be more active in areas that will actually be helpful, like addressing poverty and injustice. I may be more conservative with my theology, but my politics can be more "liberal" when it comes to stuff like welfare and healthcare and stuff like that.

  • Viewing 183 - 187 of 187
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