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The Tragic Story Of Yogscast Cactus

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Thank you for adding Skeletor, Master of the Empire to your Love shelf and for liking my story.

"Thank you for the love, friend."


"No I am not late in sending this, you are."

~Devils Advocate

Thanks for adding Magister of the Deep. I appreciate it.

Not two minutes after making a Harry Potter reference in my comment section did you follow me. And it's funny because the reference to the main villain as "The Dark Lord." XD

Thanks for following btw

Thanks for the watch.

Oh, wow! Thanks for adding Something Unknown to ❤️Love❤️! May I ask why?

Hey there! Thanks for adding The Odd Little Cottage to your Love bookshelf!

If I may ask, what was if about my work so far that inspired you to love it? Knowing this would prove useful for producing more quality work in the future.

Thank you for adding The Changes We All Must Make to your Love folder. If you find time, please send me a message or comment what you think of the story so far. That'd be great I'd love to hear your input.

Thank you for adding my story to your lovely shelf

Thanks for adding THE EMPEROR COMES BITCHES!!! to your favourites

  • Viewing 43 - 52 of 52
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