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I'm a Fourteen year-old-girl who is a fan of MLP:FIM and is a MAJOR FLUTTERCORD SHIPPER/FANATIC

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING · 3:28pm November 22nd

Hey guys, It´s Thanksgiving and I have a few things I want to say. First off, I hope you all get lots ham and turkey and all that good stuff, and next, I want to count my blessings and say what I´m thankful for; First of all, I am thankful for my loving family, and how lucky I am to live my life happily, but if we´re talking about this site, I´m going to get a bit real here. I am thankful for each and everyone one of the fans for my little pony, it gives me comfort knowing that I am not alone

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By any chance, would you be interested in taking a look at the stories done by Catrina37?

A while back, I was able to help the author out by editing for her, helping her stories improve & get better.

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Hello, I'm Redrose, I'm just looking to write fanfiction, and someday, become well known like Disney fanatic, but for now, that's just a dream.

Anyways here's me:

Name: Red Rose
Species: Alicorn(I was supposed to be a unicorn, but was mutated with wings somehow)
Age: Fourteen
Favorite Ship: FLUTTERCORD
Spare time things: Writing stories on here, drawing, reading, singing, Etc
Favorite Color: Red, Pink, and purple, and sometimes rainbow
Fan of: Harry Potter, Mlp, Fnaf (Five nights at Freddies) Undertale, Skillet songs, Etc

So yeah, that's me

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