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I'm a Thirteen year-old-girl who is a fan of MLP:FIM and is a MAJOR FLUTTERCORD SHIPPER/FANATIC

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It's all ending · 3:07pm 6 days ago

Well...it's been confirmed... after season eight...their coming out with a new generation of the main six...it's over...I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE the new character designs, especially Fluttershy's Rarity's and A.J's but...what if their personalities are totally different, along with their voices? What if they take away the characters we knew and loved?...Like Spike, and Maud and Starlight, and Thorax, and...Discord...That could mean...that Fluttercord will never

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that's amazing ! I never caught a pikachu of a volpix.
i only ever caught a bulbasour or a evee some of the easy common pokemon that you can find.
i did ones caught a tauros near central park in new york.

Who is the pony in your avatar?

yeah, but should I write it?

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Hello, I'm Redrose, I'm just looking to write fanfiction, and someday, become well known like Disney fanatic, but for now, that's just a dream.

Anyways here's me:

Name: Red Rose
Species: Alicorn(I was supposed to be a unicorn, but was mutated with wings somehow)
Age: Thirteen
Favorite Ship: FLUTTERCORD
Spare time things: Writing stories on here, drawing, reading, singing, Etc
Favorite Color: Red, Pink, and purple, and sometimes rainbow
Fan of: Harry Potter, Mlp, Fnaf (Five nights at Freddies) Undertale, Skillet songs, Etc

So yeah, that's me