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Summmer has arived and mane 6 like so many others spend this time by driving around ponyville as rock n' roll plays on the radio. So everypony grab your special somepony, climb into your candy colored custom or screamin' machine, and cruise on downtown for summer days.

Baced on American Graffiti and stories from my grandpa and his freinds when he was young.

MLP:FIM belongs to hasbro studios. American Graffiti belongs to George Lucas and Lucasfilm

Note: the chapter numbers are now names of mostly rock n roll songs from 1950-1962.

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Four prisoners plans to ecsape the infamous alcamare prison. But their plans take a unexpected turn when an outbreak come thru. Now the four of them must survive this disaster and ecsape the island before it gets worse.

Based on the the Zombies map Mob of the Dead.

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