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Just recently after the Sonic Rainboom, Pinkie Pie left the Rockfarm to conquer Ponyville on her quest to get ponies to smile. Inkie Pie on the other hand misses her sister's joyful laugh. When it gets too misery-filled , Inkie decides she must set out for herself and find her own talent.

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Two young ponies are stuck with a problem, this problem being a backfired spell. When the ponies are confronted with one thing they have never thought of facing other ponies are getting together.

They do not know that the failed spell will turn out to be an element of Harmony nor will they realize that it will save them from the fate of Equestria.

Join Trixie on her journey into life with her friends; Carrot-Top, Lyra, BonBon, Derpy Hooves, Doctor Whooves, Berry Punch and more on their [Mis]Adventures!

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Luna has just returned from being concealed in NightMareMoon. Why did she disappear till NightMareNight?

Luna is a Goddess. The one who bears the moon on the weight of her hooves. So why was she gone all this time?

It is not that easy as you think.

Chapters (2)
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