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Light in the dark

My name is Lillian although you may call me Lilo or Lils. I plan on writing many different types of stories, most of them being fluff stories.


Start over · 7:46pm Apr 2nd, 2021

I'm going to do a complete revamp of this account. I plan on deleting my old stories to build them from the ground up. I've greatly improved my writing over the last couple of years since you've seen me post seeing as I used to struggle to reach a thousand words in a couple of days and can now write that within a couple of hours. I'm probably going to change my account name while I am doing so many changes. The only story that will remain up is my one about Diamond Tiara which I will start

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New story Idea · 12:08am Aug 3rd, 2017

Hey peoplez I got an idea a while ago about Eqg. I was thinking of doing one on Principal Celestia's and Vice-principal Luna's sister Lillian or one on a abused girl.

Plot for Lillian:

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Hey guys · 3:26am Jul 29th, 2017

So I'm not sure if I should continue my story, I'm just not feeling it and I want to write another story. Although I might continue it if people like it but I'm not really sure. I'm thinking of making a backround on Luna but it will be dark with some of her flashback. Please vote on it.

Luna's life:


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Luna toy · 10:11pm Jun 16th, 2017

I just got a luna toy and I love it so much. I braided her mane and tail.

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Hi peoples · 3:14pm Nov 6th, 2016

I'm new here and I will try my best to be a good story maker.

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