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Peace in chaos · 10:46pm Sep 29th, 2022

I'm in a Carl's Jr hanging with my family.

An odd arrangement of words foresure and especially in a website about writing but, I feel like it's odd choices are needed in this mundane life.

So here I am, eating with my family. And it's, nice.

I've been so alone with my thoughts and cursing myself that I forgot that there were others here for me. That's so hard to remember for some odd reason and weirder is I know it's not healthy and yet I never saw it as a problem.

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Rego #26 · Jul 3rd, 2022 · · 1 ·

Thanks for the watch! I hope you enjoy what my brain comes up with.

Did it earlier, hope you enjoy

so whens the next time u going to update literally anything?

No, I absolutely intend to keep most stories going, I've just been playing favourites recently but I shall work on them soon. The one's that are in hiatuses are more for after I'm done with the big ones. I have a LOT planned for the ongoing stories, hence why I've been focusing on them a lot more.

are ya ever gonna finish a story? I see a bunch of stories in your catalogue ranging from "incomplete." with one chapter to multi-chapter things with "hiatus" slapped on it. Meanwhile I just read another new story you just posted. Are ya ever going to just flat out cancel some stories so you can finish something?

Thanks for the favorite on Harmonic Reverberations of the Heart!

Please the thanks is all mine! You have a great story, keep it up!

Thank you for liking my story Uni-Pecker :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted Jun 8th, 2022
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