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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


The Top Ten Chapters of Flash Sentry Chronicles · 7:27am Mar 25th, 2019

On Halloween, 2016, the first chapter of my very first MLP fanfiction was released. It had terrible spelling and grammar issues, I wasn't whether it had actually been published and the I had zero clue where the story was going at the time.

But since then, I have released one new chapter of that series pretty much once a week. Over that time, I gained an editor in the form of AandWguy, learnt how to properly write and actually came up with an overarching plot for my series.

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Holy Crap · 12:24pm Jan 23rd, 2019

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Kamen Rider Achilles · 6:06pm Dec 30th, 2018

Hey everyone.

This blog is a little advertisement for a story that I really enjoy and am editing for a friend, Axle the Red Exorcist, whose work you might have read before. Anyone who enjoyed my Power Rangers story will enjoy this story, Kamen Rider Achilles, due to the similarities between them. So far it has only three chapter, but every single one of them is great.

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Pokemon Teams · 7:28am May 19th, 2018

Hey guys. This Blog goes with my new Pokemon series. It'll feature the Pokemon of every main character or rival, along with their relevant information.

Main Characters

Flash Sentry

Name: Springer
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Ability: Justified
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Drain Punch, Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Extreme Speed

Name: Skyler
Species: Tornavian
Gender: Male

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Pokemon Game Story · 7:22am May 19th, 2018

Hey everyone. This blog will follow the progress of how my MLP Pokemon story would go as a game. So a some points, when I release a chapter, I will update this blog with the parallel information. Hope you enjoy.

Pokemon Harmony and Chaos

Part 1/The Game Begins


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Collab · 4:57pm Nov 19th, 2017

Hello everyone. Recently I've been collabing with another author named Lightingman, working on a chapter where one of my story characters arrives in his story's universe. Click here if you wish to see it.

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Help Flash Sentry · 7:09am Nov 15th, 2017

Hello readers,

As you all know, I am a huge Flash Sentry supporter, and over a week ago, I showed my support by signing these petitions below:

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Fallout Equestria: The Walking Shadow · 7:09am Oct 31st, 2017

Hey guys. Here's a little something for an author, as thanks for promoting my own story.

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Character Ages · 2:49pm Sep 27th, 2017

Hey everyone. A friend of mine who recently read the first chapter of my latest story, asked me what the ages of all my characters are. So here it is.

Flash Sentry: 22 (As of season 3)

Twilight Sparkle: 20 (As of the end of Season 4)

Applejack: 22 (As of the end of Season 4)

Rainbow Dash: 20 (As of the end of Season 4)

Rarity: 21 (As of the end of Season 4)

Fluttershy: 21 (As of the end of Season 4)

Pinkie Pie: 20 (As of the end of Season 4)

Starlight Glimmer: 20

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Pokemon Harmony and Chaos Pokedex · 1:28pm May 18th, 2017

Hey guys. It was suggested that I should make a new blog featuring all my future Pokemon Stories Pokemon, so here it is.

1/Thawn/grass fawn pokemon/grass
Usually found in forests, Thawn's strong legs allow it to reach 40 miles an hour. Because of their amazing speed and agility it is almost impossible to catch this pokemon in a forest.

2/Chitaleaf/new leaf pokemon/grass/LV18

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