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I enjoy writing dark natured stuff and wish to die buried beneath 1,000,000 pony plushies. I feed off of the dislikes. Also a proud part of the Headless_Rainbow family.


New post on my sfw account. · 2:29am Dec 26th, 2018

If you’ve not seen it, go take a look. Been working on it for Christmas and got a decent amount done in time as a gift to my boyfriend. Hopefully even if it’s not rape and gore, you may enjoy it https://www.fimfiction.net/story/418571/ice-like-stardust

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A series of unfortunate events. · 1:53pm May 14th, 2018

Welp, as some of you may know, i have failed to upload anything recently. It seems an unfortunate series of events has plagued me from writing, be it writers block, fimfic deleting all my stories i am actively writing, or most recently my computer refusing to connect to google chrome, firefox, etc. Ive been having such a hard time writing anything but i can assure everyone stories are on the way as soon as i can finish fixing my PC. I have one almost completed and one currently in the works. if

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I'm coming back · 4:28pm Nov 27th, 2017

After the long pause that I took a couple weeks ago, I am returning to my writing and have a special story in mind... one that is very different from my normal writings. It will consist of some charactors I have always thought of as "good in a noncon clopfic". I hope you will enjoy it when it is released and here is the first paragraph as a preview.

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Taking some time off. · 4:44pm Nov 6th, 2017

I have recently been getting back into the groove of writing stories and junk but since the other day, there has been a problem. A death in real life has kind of shook things up and it's causing a lot of problems, including writers block. The person in question who sadly passed, I did not know them too well, so this wont be a long lasting period, but I knew them well enough to make a slight imprint on my work and mind. I will come back to writing shortly but I do hope some of you out there

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