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First off I'll be saying that until Sk8erdude returns, I'll be working on this story alone. This is a sequel to 'Road To Love'. I recommend you read it before you read this one.

After a couple of months touring, Dante Wings and the rest of ATTB travel to Canterlot University. After an incident with Scarlet and his friend Jason, Dante must chose between Fame or Family. What's there to be come of Scarlet and Reda's relationship? Will Dante return to the mare he left behind two times and finally stay. Or will he avoid her for the rest of time? The only way to figure out what happens is to join them on the Road Not Easily Traveled.

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A big city flourist moves out east to Ponyville, and finds his special somepony. There's just one problem, he doesn't know it.

A random love story I came up with after listening to a great song by The Classic Crime. I'm literally writing this whole story while listening to the song Dead Rose, so it's gonna take a while.

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12 years ago, Princess Celestia set a wager, and whoever had completed the challenge set to win said wager would have her sister's hand in marriage. What is the wager? Will any man finish such a challenge and if one does who will he be? Most importantly how will the young Princess live her life with her new husband-to-be? Many questions and an endless amout of answers.

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First thing first, I would like to that my Co-Writer Sk8erdude!

Dante comes back to Ponyville after finishing his journey of performing music in different parts of Equestria. He sees things have changed in the town he once lived in while he was gone. When he comes across an old friend, a certain yellow Pegasus, Fluttershy. He starts having very strong feelings about her since he left her. But another stallion also had strong feelings about Fluttershy while Dante was gone, his best friend, Reda.

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Baker Loaf is a nomadic stallion raised in an orphanage in Fillydelphia. After leaving Filly for years and having traveled to big cities all over Equestria, he finds himself without supplies or food to travel. So with no other option, Baker chooses to get a job in Ponyville. Upon entering ponyville he finds a Pink mare known as Pinkie Pie. Finally getting a part time job at Sugarcube Corner, will he get enough bits and leave town or will he chose to stay to start a new life?

Until further notice, chapters will be removed for revision.

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