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‘Surgery? With pleasure! … Training? Trust me! I’ve seen all House MD episodes!’ - Chapter 2 is here! · 6:06pm Feb 28th, 2019

It’s time for the second chapter. It’s more light-hearted than the initial one - I hope, it will get the story some much-needed upvotes :unsuresweetie:

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For all of you waiting for some more stories with James, I have some good news. · 7:33pm Feb 24th, 2019

Here is a new one, with him as a major character (alongside the new human and Celestia):

TFriendship Is Magic! ... Unless You Are a Human
After a catastrophic introduction, a former soldier is struggling to adjust to his new life – facing ponies prejudice. Observing his ordeal - Celestia is starting to question how kind and forgiving her subjects really are...
Huk · 126k words  ·  226  42 · 3.5k views

It is a story with a few subplots – it is a 50/50 mix between seriousness and comedy. While it does revolve around the new guy, a little more – James will still be there, alongside Celestia – with his cheesy humor and one-liners :trollestia:.

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Holy hell – four days and two of those at the very top… I don’t know what to say. · 8:12pm Aug 8th, 2018

I’m, of course referring to

TDashing to Dirty Conclusions
Rainbow Dash is fast in everything - including jumping to conclusions and gossiping. One day, she eavesdrops on a rather lewd conversation between Rarity and local human and it goes downhill from there. Then Celestia gets involved...
Huk · 8.5k words  ·  355  37 · 5.3k views

Big thanks to everyone who read it :pinkiesmile:

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