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Gallop Free

A girl with an overactive imagination and a distinct lack of logic. Somehow, I haven't failed math.

Upcoming Stories!


[coverart coming soon]

Twenty seven and divorced, Rainbow Dash tells herself in dark humor of the joys of being a social pariah while trying to lose her past in her new career when her childhood dreams lie broken.

Soon, she takes on a challenge to prove herself to be above her rival Lightning Dust to hunt and kill a vampire who has successfully and elusively evaded notice and an inevitable death.

The secrets everywhere are like a web - there is something between the blind seamstress Gioconda and her apprentice with the pretentious Madame Azure, Soarin and the Wonderbolt he was named after, and Rarity and Fancy Pants.

And when all falls apart, Rainbow and Soarin receive one more chance to make things right again, but this time, they must choose carefully.

Rating: Teen
Estimated word count: 60,000+

Two Sides of A Rainbow

At day she is a simple worker who can blend in with the crowd. A simple housekeeper in the house of the famed commander and Templar Soarin Skies, adopted son of the Grand Master of the Templars, Sombra.

At night, however, she is the famed "Black Death", an assassin who never leaves one soul alive.

Rating: Teen / Maybe Mature (Gore)
Estimate Word Count: IDK

The Barber of Seville
(Inspired by the opera of the same name)

The Count Fancy Pants had fallen in love with Rarity, but he didn't want her to love him for his riches. He disguises himself as a poor student Lindoro, and with the help of his friend Golden Gravel, he wins her heart.

Rarity's guardian poses another challenge. The pretentious, hypocritical Flim and his equally insufferable companion Flam want her dowry. The solution?

Marry her, of course. Rarity, Fancy and Gravel attempt to out-con the two professional con-artists, and of course, chaos ensues...

Rating: Everyone
Word Count Estimate: 30,000+

La Traviata

Sassy Saddles lives for pleasure. It's not until she realizes that there is something else missing, when a new, strange feeling stirs in her heart. Her happiness comes, but soon it is threatened by her past making a reappearance.

Rating: Teen

About Me





My Art

I'm a artist as well, but I'm still talentless XD You can find me on DeviantArt as Gallop-Free (same but with hyphen)

I take commissions all the time and requests occasionally.

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Cool. Keep going with the writing and the art, my friend. I'm good as well, just been busy with life and school. But that's about it.
What about you?

ellooooooooooooooooooo I have returned

I'm working on a new story

How are you?

Hi Gallop Free, happy 2019. How are you? It's been awhile.

Oh,cool!Good luck!

? I'm just on a following and reading spree. Trying to expand my horizons.

Thank you for the follow!What have I done to deserve it?:twilightsmile:

My memory is hazy but I have my reasons

Thank you for the watch! How did I earn that?

Thank you for the fav in Just A Minute! :twilightsmile:

hmmm....speaking of halloween, I'll go and grab some marshmallows.

Hmmm....maybe more how you can outside in the night and it would be pretty safe. You can't go outside after sunset unless it's halloween in america


What do you enjoy about Chinese Culture then, besides the food?


I stay up too late really often, more often than I'd like to admit. When I was a kid I used to boast how I barely slept...now goes in opposite direction.

:pinkiehappy:I love Chinese Eggpuffs too!! I so agree.

Sometimes I don't enough sleep, to answer your question. I end up staying up sometimes.

OMIGOSH me gusta egg puffs! They are pretty much life XD I love the little rice cakes though. Sticky and messy but really good.

Just curious, do you get enough sleep? Because I definitely don't and have waaay too much homework......trying to get good grades, sacrifices too much sleep...dun dun dun dun....

对, xiao lung biao 很好。I agree, they are life to the taste buds.

That's cool to hear, do you have any fav Chinese desserts? Cause I have lots of favs when it comes to Chinese Desserts, besides the eggpuffs they make.

OMIGOSH you like xiao lung bao too??!!! I love those. They are seriously, like, life.
I like most chinese foods okay, but I definitely prefer having a salad, mainly because i'm super lazy

I actually message people after class during break and lunch haha XD

It seems you didn't have a good time celebrating it, sorry to hear.

I know this comment is a late reply, I have school in the morning. I've liked dumplings all my life, chow fun, xiao lung biao, chinese pork buns, liesee, lion dances, firecrackers. I love everything about Chinese New Year. I've had fun times celebrating the Chinese holidays.

I know the feeling.

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