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Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I am NOT crazy. Isn't that crazy?

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A beautiful young heiress disappears from her suite in a luxury hotel.

Psychic detective, Shai Sideways is tasked by the police and the worried parents to find their missing daughter. This is not the first time someone has gone missing in this hotel.

But this time someone ends up dead.

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Poppy Blossom is the best delivery mare in all Equestria. Although nopony ever seems to hire her due to her infamous reputation of attracting all manner of trouble. Such as when she was hired to deliver Princess Celestia's cake on her birthday, and had to sword fight with a gang of griffon bakers atop a crashing zeppelin. Or when she had to deliver a suit of new armor to Shining Armor in The Crystal Kingdom and was tailed by an immortal undead unicorn warlord who wanted to use the armor as a catalyst for his ghostly form. Or when she had to steal back a priceless gem from an Invincible Ancient Dragon Guardian on Black Skull Island so it could be delivered to Carousel Boutique in time for Rarity's fashion shoot. The point is, Poppy always seems to find herself in crazier and crazier situations.

But one thing always remains the same: Poppy ALWAYS makes her deliveries on time.

Winner Of National Pony Writing Month 2018!

I would also like to thank my very good friend, Cinnabar, for all her help with coming up with ideas and things to make this story easily the most fun I've ever had with writing a story! Thanks Cinni! :D

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Join Starlight and Trixie as they read through The Book Of Friendship; a legendary long lost book filled with secrets that will change the world! Now, if only Starlight could find the time to research it all...

(*Winner of 2017 NaPoWriMo! This is the most insane thing I have ever written, and makes very little sense as a normally structured story. However, it was very fun to write and just as much to read! Also, it's not quite finished, but I will of course try to update it frequently. Enjoy!)

(Cover art by the ridiculously awesome https://jowybean.deviantart.com.)

Chapters (60)

Morning Meir is the smartest pony around! Just ask anypony and they'll tell you the same. Now even more famous around the world for cracking the mystery behind Augustus Regal's murder and saving the world from destruction, Morning Meir has decided to stay home, while the rest of Equestria celebrates Nightmare Night: The scariest and most fun-filled night of the year! But Morning Meir is suddenly called away by an old friend, to the lively city of Nawlans to investigate a series of murders that appear to be surrounded around Voodoo: The ancient tribal practices of Zebrican culture. While investigating, Morning Meir and her friends find themselves thrust into another mystery as they hunt the killer behind these murders, and unravel a conspiracy that has plagued Nawlans for decades.

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Morning Meir is the most brilliant mind in Equestria. This is no brag, it is simply fact. Though she would never say so herself. Having been invited to attend the Mareiposa Intelligence Summit, alongside some of the other greatest minds in the world, Meir's first ever case pits her against a mysterious killer, a master of disguise and a case that stumps even the greatest of Equestria's intelligence elite. Will she solve this most conniving of conundrums? Of course she will. The real question is: Why would someone doubt that she could?

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Daring Do's adventures continue, on her latest quest to find the mythical lost city of Atlantis: The most famous legend of all time, and her first clue on her overall mission to find her father after discovering his journal. Joined by Professor Atlas, an old friend of her father's and her friend Swift Wing, Daring's mission will turn into more then just a search for her father as mysterious forces are at work to use the secrets of Atlantis for their own schemes. Will Daring find Atlantis? Will she save the world once again from the forces of evil? Will she find out what happened to her father? Read to find out! :)

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Daring Do's latest adventure finds her searching for Kamara Mista, an ancient city in the clouds once ruled by the griffins, said to contain riches beyond imagining. But that's not all Daring is after. According to a mysterious letter, by finding the city, she may finally be reunited with her long lost father. Will Daring find Kamara Mista? Will she find its treasures? Will she be reunited with her father? Read to find out! :)

Chapters (20)
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