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Give a dog a bad name · 12:45am Aug 1st, 2017

So, as some readers might have noticed, the name of the POV character of Make a Mistake with Me has been changed from Rebel Yell to North Wind. After some sage advice from people and some careful consideration, I decided to make this change as I feel it better reflects what'll happen in the story, and tie better into the future events. In addition it doesn't sound quite as "teenager-ish" as the previous name.

That's the only thing to change, however, so there's no need to get too confused.

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CHS Report #1: KHMRA · 5:50am Nov 14th, 2016

TO: jerseydevil@camphero,mil
FROM: laserbender@canterlot,mil
DATE: 10/23/2012
SUBJECT: Regarding last night's disturbance

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