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    • A Changeling's Test A changeling sees Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom back on the same day the mane six earned their cutie marks. by ShadowGear 1,507 words · 444 views · 16 likes · 0 dislikes
    • A Stampede to Remember A Changeling breaks the one rule he's been taught to follow and makes a friend. Now he must find a way to save his new friend from a horrible death. by ShadowGear 13,046 words · 167 views
    • Hidden in Plain Sight What does a Changeling do when the invasion of Canterlot fails and he gets stranded in enemy territory where everything wants him dead? Well he hides until he can get back to friendly territory of course. That shouldn't be too hard. by ShadowGear 6,870 words · 188 views
    • The Changeling Civil War Thorax had become the new king of the Changelings and the other Hives are not happy about his alliance with Equestria. Will Equestria survive against the upcoming Changeling invasion? How will they fight against a technologically advanced enemy? by ShadowGear 4,470 words · 267 views

    Viewer's Decision · 7:54pm August 3rd

    I am giving everyone time to choose what happens in my story, "The Changeling Civil War". Do you want Flash Sentry to die or survive? Leave a comment on either my story or on the blog and tell me what you want. I will postpone the next chapter to give you all time to put in a vote. I'm not going to wait too long for votes.

    The voting is closed.

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