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Aspiring writer who likes to combine historical weaponry with MLP, ecentric in a good way and always trying to be happpy. Like to write about characters being redeemed and war stories

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This story is a sequel to Battleship of Equestria

Nearly a year has gone by since the Equestrian Great War. The land and its people have nearly finished their recovery. But then Captain Jacob Holman is sent on an expedition to search for other humans during a civil war in hostile territory. In the far west, a new threat has finished its preparations of war. Friendships and bonds shall be tested like never before, and it will take everyone and pony to save the land from powers both known and unknown.

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When Discord senses a magical disturbance unlike any he has felt before, little does he or the princesses know just how much a disturbance has occurred. A displaced and under-manned crew aboard a recently captured battleship arrives, and Princess Luna develops feelings for one of them. Meanwhile an ancient and forgotten evil has awaken. War is coming...
(Also can be seen on my account on FanFiciton.net) Also this takes place in 1942! So this is historical only until April 1942!

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