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Hey, want an universe to write in? · 3:36am Dec 2nd, 2012


Pinkie discovers a way to different universes (licking sapphire dust)and shares the way how with everyone. Then they find out people in other universes have discovered the secret too. Soon Equestria is overrun with humans, Spartans and elites, creepers, and all kinds of other things. What wacky adventures will ensue? That's for you to decide!

PS. If you use this either mention me or put this: }==^=•>

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Short stories · 1:52pm Jun 6th, 2012

Hi to those who actually visit my page, I was thinking of doing a story which is actually a bunch of short stories. They would only be 100-200 words long. I already got a few down but I need your help to come up with more ideas because I'm out of ones that would be short stories.

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Ideas · 3:44am May 27th, 2012

If you want to have a story idea just PM me. Here are a few things you need to send and rules:

•a basic theme (Things like Twi vs. Tech; human in equestria)
•The categories you want it in ( comedy,sad,etc...)
•For prequels and sequels I need a link to the connecting story (and time to read it)
•I will not do humanized pony stories
•I will not do stories rated higher than teen
•I would appreciate if you mention me giving you the idea if you use one of mine

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