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Lunar Sapphire

"Every writer I know has trouble writing"


Sunset Shimmer. The girl who wants to take over the world. But, Celestia will not let her. So she jumped through the Mirror to the human world, where there would be no ruler to stop her. World domination would finally be accomplished!

But there is one problem - the portal turned her into a dog.

This is a story inspired by this prompt.

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Granny Smith, is old, over 1000 years old. she met Starswirl, one of her best friends, she remembers when Nightmare Moon was banished and can tell the tale as if it happened yesterday.
But how is she so old?
Because of a gift, from Star Swirl.
Warning: Includes Time traveling ponies, sisters pretending to be granddaughters and A Pony who didn't listen to her father. Also includesWords and don't forget A lot of back to the future jokes
You've been warned.

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These are many little short stories about Pinkie Pie.
You may read them in any order, because they are not related.

Chapters (5)

You wake up in the morning to find out that your friend, Snow Harvest, passed away. You reminisce on the times you have had her. She sends you a dream to reach out and make new friends. But your friend group doesn't want some pony to replace Snow.

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