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I'm not Weathered Field. He's a fictional character, and one of the deities of my fictional multiverse. But, since he doesn't exist, I have to substitute for him.

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  • Friendship Bling and Changing Things During her brother's surprise wedding, Twilight meets an old demon from her past that will most assuredly change her, and her family's life forever. In other words, literally nothing goes to plan, and everybody suffers because of green bug bitch. by WeatheredField 22,695 words · 1,345 views · 377 likes · 23 dislikes

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Friendship Bling Chapter 9 · 12:41am Wednesday

Okay, so I said that I was going to do a Q&A, and I kinda still will. But no matter how I did it, a straight answer session broke the story to pieces, just like before. So, instead, I will be answering your questions in-stride, and inside of the story. Citlali is going to tell the tale of how her hive was destroyed, and how she saved her, and her hive's lives.

I'm exited to tell that story, and I hope you enjoy it, and the answers it presents.

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