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A meddling god with no sense of subtlety.

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  • Friendship Bling and Changing Things During her brother's surprise wedding, Twilight meets an old demon from her past that will most assuredly change her, and her family's life forever. In other words, literally nothing goes to plan, and everybody suffers because of green bug bitch. by WeatheredField 30,856 words · 2,928 views · 464 likes · 27 dislikes

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I can't stick to myself (Dusk Constructed) · 5:15pm Last Tuesday

I have trouble making up my mind... after listening to intensive feedback from random internet strangers, my friends, and my mind (he's a very smart blob of grey matter), I have decided on something that may bum some people, may make others happy, and will probably confuse the hell out of everybody involved.

Dusk and Dawn is back.

Dusk Constructed is gone.

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