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Prequel is Here! · 8:51pm Jun 25th, 2018

The prequel is here! Check it out and give me your thoughts!



Prequel in the Works · 9:33pm Jun 22nd, 2018

As you all may have known, there was an entire story's worth of events in the years before Havoc's present events. And I've been wondering, "What if I wrote a prequel story based on these events?"

Well, that's what I'm currently doing right now! I'm already writing the first chapter as this blog is posted. So expect to see that prequel in your feed (if you're following me) soon!

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Poll Results · 1:15pm Jun 2nd, 2018

Alright! The results are in!

Up to seven of y'all voted on this poll. That's higher participation than I thought I would get, I'll be honest. Anyways, let's tally up the votes. We got:

1st: After the War (4 votes)

2nd: During the War (2 votes)

3rd: Before the War (1 vote)

4th: Right Now (0 votes)

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Poll · 4:44pm May 26th, 2018

We all know that there is going to be a war between Zerstörung's puppet Empire and Equestria, it's no secret.

But in light of recent events, I have a question to ask.

When should Grogar make his debut? Before, during the war? I am genuinely conflicted in when he should finally show up and start screwing stuff around. So I want you guys to help me. Just go to the link below and vote!

Edit: The poll is now closed.

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Rewrite · 7:07pm Mar 9th, 2018

I've been noticing a few things in this story, along with a few others, that seem to make little sense to it.

Zerstörung seems to be a much more forgiving person than I would find suitable for her position. She doesn't seem to characterize what she represents, either.

With this knowledge, I'm going to be rewriting her character, and in order to do that, I have to rewrite the entire story.

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Change the Title? · 10:07pm Jan 3rd, 2018

I've been thinking on changing the title of this fic, as for some reason I feel the current one no longer fits the story.

Does anyone have any thoughts on an alternate title? Or is everyone fine with the current one?

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