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Good News, Everybody! · 12:35pm February 10th

I'm almost completely moved out of my apartment. I got 95% of my stuff out, leaving just little things here and there plus the food in the kitchen and some leftover cleaning supplies.

The bad news is that while I have been working on Dino-Park minutes at a time (2 jobs, moving, sleeping, that cuts into time) I don't think I will be able to get the next chapter up before I go dark for a bit. That said, when I do get back online I should have a couple of chapters ready to post.

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2019 Goals

1) Pay off one of my small student loans ($200/$5400)
2) Get a house
3) Own a gun 🔫
4) Get politically involved in the community
5) Finish an original story
6) Plant a garden
7) Go to church


All Hail King Washington!

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