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Life · 2:40am Dec 26th, 2018

Two years...

For two years I have been a part of this wonderful site, and in the process have grown as a writer. It has given me new insight as to how creative I could be, and not a day goes by where I don't think of new adventures for our favorite mares and stallions to go on and new realms to explore.

But life, as always, is a double-edged sword...

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Artwork · 4:15am Oct 23rd, 2018

Thanks goes to my friend CrystalMysteria for recreating the collar in the story, her amazing talent once again surpassed my expectations of how it would turn out. (She did Queen Flurry Heart's cutie mark as well... Which is the cover art for this story). The excerpt from how the collar is described is found below (since FiMfic won't let me embed the image, link is here.:

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Bugbutt heartsong · 12:43pm Aug 30th, 2018

Decided to make Chrysalis' heartsong enjoy!

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Spoiler · 9:55pm Jul 31st, 2018

Bit of a delay with the current chapter due to how long it is and making corrections as I go (it is over 6500 words and more to come).

To help build hype, gonna give you a few spoilers to talk about in the comments section:

1) Chapter title is Balt'mare Blitz
2) Chryssy gets a heartsong
3) Bukbug is second best bug (only behind Queen Mothra).

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July Update Schedule · 2:17pm Jul 1st, 2018

Hello everypony, I hope your July is off to a great start, and I want to share my update schedule for this month.

I am working on the final chapter of Suit Pon right now, and it is a long chapter that will

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Redemption of a Nightmare · 6:40pm Mar 20th, 2018

Talk about hitting a walk off home run...

Thank you everyone who made this story a major hit. It now sets a new personal best for my place on the Mature Enabled Featured Box (2nd), Mature Disabled Featured Box (#1), Overall Heat Rating (#1), and Non-Mature Heat Rating (#1).

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Story Updates · 1:24am Mar 18th, 2018

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, I had a pretty severe health scare last fall, and another one back in January, that deeply cut into my writing time. Good news is, after getting a minor procedure done I feel better than I have in about two years. However, at my new job I am working most Saturdays so my time is still limited but better than it was.

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New Story · 10:59pm Feb 21st, 2018

With Princess and Queen done, I have been tasked by my editor Penalt to do a continuation of his story Queen Chrysalis Relationship Councilor. I plan to have the first chapter done by the weekend.

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Princess and Queen · 5:15pm Feb 21st, 2018

Man this was a lot of fun to write, and once again thanks to Penalt for giving me his blessing to world build and produce this. I want to apologize for changing the rating to M, I was not planning on their being any actual sex but a little blurb Penalt wrote was just too good to pass up.

Now for the next step, would you like to see a sequel made? If so, comment below with your reason why, for the sequel will focus on the Queens’ rule and how they have to adjust.

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Next Story update · 12:10am Jan 14th, 2018

Alright guys, I need your help with this one. Seeing as I am up to date with my stories, for the most part anyway, I am going to have you the fans vote for which of the following stories I do next. Please leave your answer in the comments section:

My Life as a Suit Pon
Princess and Queen: Mother and Daughter
Chessmaster through Life and Shadows
Sweetie Drops’ Special Treat
Johnny Dash
A Gleaming Love
Changelings of Harmony
Flames of Disharmony
One Last Flight

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