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Hayseed Blitz

Currently living on the road. Not much else to say.

About Me

I suspect there's a proper place for this but I felt like putting it on my profile instead. Is that strange? Anyways. My name is Emily. All cards on the table, I wasn't born Emily but that's the name I chose for myself. I'm 27, and currently living in the van with my brother. I'm still coping with recent changes in my life, but getting back into reading FIMfics and just reading in general has got my creative juices flowing, so expect to see something here about a pony named Hayseed Blitz here soon. I've got a short story sort of outlined now, and honestly I didn't come up with most of it; It came up with itself. When I sat down with notepad I just had a loose idea of one pony. Now I've got my main characters and the conflict they'll face. So yeah.. I guess this could actually be a blog post but it's simple enough to edit this later. I look forward to getting your writing tips when I post my forthcoming story (which, uh, is still untitled actually.) but hopefully I won't just stop writing and return to lurking. It'd be nice to make some friends on here since I don't really socialize in real life so feel free to message me. I promise I won't bite :)

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