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This is a story about thoughts of a rainbow colored pony. Story about her past and her emotions. How was she feeling? How she managed this? Who knows?

There are two chapters. First is about Rainbow's thoughts. Which means there is no dialogues. Only narrations.
And the second chapter is just a happy ending to this first chapter. Something like sequel but not entirely. Also in this second chapter are dialogues and narrations like in normal stories.

There is no need to read that second chapter, because it's optional, but if you want to you can.

Cover art by Miupoke from Deviant Art.

Proofreader - LoneUnicornWriter check out his amazing work. He know what he's doing!

Chapters (2)

Two ponies named Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle have feelings for each others for quite a time now but are scared to confess them to each others. Author and pink pony helped in it of course.

This is my first story here so I'm open fore some criticism in the comments. Also my English isn't the best so watch out for bad grammar. I'm sorry if this story isn't appealing for you in any way. My bad then :fluttercry:

Warning! 4th wall-breaking involved! You have been warned!

Cover art by BJLouisiana2014 from Deviant Art

Chapters (1)