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When an accident in her stable forces Windy Gale to leave her home, she must cross the radioactive wastes of the Crystal Empire in search of the Crystal City and the great Conjurer that is said to live there. Only with his help and the help of the friends she meets along the way can Gale return to her home in Stable 34.

But something's growing in the West...

A crossover fanfiction combining elements of the Fallout Equestria megafanfiction with the story and universe of the Wizard of Oz.

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Set in Equestria's far future, 'The Amazing Spider-Mare' is set in Solaris90's Crusaderverse and was written with the permission of that author. The story is posted in its entirety on deviantArt and will be updated here on a weekly basis. NOTE: Pinkie Pie is NOT in the story but it does feature her descendant.

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