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I do things!

To Do List:

(v)Wake Up at 8:00 am
(v) Get to class by 9:30 am
() Graduate College
() Get a job
() Win my parent's respect
(v) Get featured on fimfiction
() get featured on Equestria Daily
(v) Get 50 Subs
(v) Get 100 subs
(v) Get 150 Subs
() get 200 Subs
(v) Get a popular author following me
(v) Get 2 Popular author's following me
(v) Get an actual friend to follow me
(v) Break the 2,000 view barrier in one day
(v) Get 3,000 views on one story
(v) Get called an asshole yet still accepted into writing gold

() get a life (later)

Stories I've Written


HOLY S**T · 6:12am Jul 12th, 2014

QUINCY IM NOT DEAD YOU FUCK! STOP FUCKING MESSAGING ME, also are we still up for having a sleepover?

Also I apologize for not being active for so long, I should get back to writing Anthro shouldn't I?

Heres a little rundown of whats been happening:

Failed college, moved home, took a break from electronics of any sort (might actually stay this way until september), got a job as a dish bitch, and have been working towards college ever since March. 4 fucking months. Holy crap!

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I'm bummed out that you're not here for so long.


942404 fuck you I'm fabulous!:raritywink:

942227 you know which one

940987 thank you for thanking me, now c'mere so i can smooch ya.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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